Why Confidence Builders?

We call our company Confidence Builders because our entire mission is to help people at work build individual and personal confidence as speakers, writers, managers, leaders and all-around great communicators.
Communication is at the heart of business. The way individuals on teams communicate makes all the difference. If a company is seeking success, it has to figure out what it takes to create and deliver its message to the right people in the right tone and at the right time.
We call our overall approach The Signals of Communication, which was designed and developed to help clients become really excellent in all phases of communication from making presentations to exhibiting the qualities of leadership. When these signals are in place, your organization will have the critical tools needed for every business communication.
Why Confidence Builders?

Presentation Skills

Confidence Builders to the Rescue!
We have been in the business of helping people make great business presentations for more than 19 years now. It’s been wonderful year after year to provide our clients with a roadmap that helps them master the kind of public speaking they need to drive more business.
Many people are terrified of speaking in public. Not just nervous…but terrified. Our programs help people with that fear of public speaking. We also work with people who are already good at speaking; they just want to be better..
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Private Speech Coaching
Keynote Speeches

Funny Management – Serious Results

How to Take the “Overwhelm” Out of Day-to-Day Management

What if a manager could handle the never-ending issues that come up day after day with ease and confidence? What if stress on the job is not inevitable? Companies often promote the best employees to management positions. But being a good employee doesn’t instantly make you a good manager. Management is a skill, a skill that can be learned.

Management doesn’t have to be as hard as it currently seems to be. After more than 19 years of developing and delivering management training courses, Confidence Builders has come up with the solution.

Confident Leader Series

When a leader takes on the job of building new leaders, he or she can sometimes find the task daunting. Many companies find that task management is much easier to handle than people management. Yet, there’s a science for each side of the business. Each has its own rules and guidelines for success. The Confident Leader Series is designed to help companies develop a strong leadership team that is ready to move the company forward.
You’ve identified the self-starters, the go-getters and the driven members of your team. They can be electrifying at times, but sometimes these are the very people who have not learned how to manage or lead a team. And there are those on your team who probably have a lot more to contribute, but they need a bit of a push
into the limelight. As you select who will attend, go for the obvious candidates as well as those who are not so immediately obvious. You want a diverse team of leaders.

Everything Disc Products – A Wiley Brand

For more information about all of the great Everything DiSC products, please visit our Everything DiSC page:
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Almost all of the DiSC profiles are now online. Get your online DiSC profiles from Confidence Builders in Cincinnati and Sarasota. Since the profiles are online, we can provide them for you no matter where your company is located. We are customer service oriented, and promise to return calls and emails within 24 hours!

Programs and Products

What do we do? We teach people to speak with confidence and authority. We provide a roadmap to mastering public speaking. We facilitate leadership classes that are productive, economical, and fun. We offer private speech coaching. Clients have fun while they learn! And we have fun while we teach! We love what we do, and it shows.

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Programs and Products

Use this page to order stuff from Confidence Builders. We have products to help with Presentation Skills including our book, Your Public Speaking Workout. Sometimes we have recommendations for other books, videos, etc. We also have all of the Everything DiSC profiles.