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Confidence Builders to the Rescue!

We have been in the business of helping people make great business presentations for more than 19 years now. It’s been wonderful year after year to provide our clients with a roadmap that helps them master the kind of public speaking they need to drive more business.


We offer one and two day presentation skills classes. Which one is right for your company?

One Day Presentation Skills Class

Here’s how it works (in 6 1/2 easy steps):

  1. We meet to discuss the presentation skills needs of your company.
  2. You select 8 participants to attend the program. We limit the number so that we can videotape each person several times throughout the day.
  3. If desired, we meet with the leaders of your company to make sure we are focusing on presentations unique to your organization.
  4. We hold a productive and fun session.
  5. Private one-on-one sessions are offered to all participants.
  6. Phone consultations for six months are available to participants.

The All important 1/2 Step:

1/2. You see improvements in your company’s presentations!

Two Day Presentation Skills Class

For a more intense, “boot camp” like experience…

Try our two day class. It includes everything that the one day class has…and much more. The two day seminar allows participants to return on the second day prepared to make a 3 minute presentation which will be evaluated and critiqued by a peer and a professional. There will be a strong emphasis on using what was learned on day one: eye contact, presence, gestures, preparation techniques, openings and closings…

It’s absolutely amazing what happens on the second day!


The second day is an opportunity to put into real-time practice all the tips and techniques learned on day one. What makes it valuable is that participants feel the pressure to ‘perform’ at their best since they have that second chance to show off what they can do.

The whole day is designed around practice, practice, practice & video, review and feedback.


Emphasis will be placed on areas that still need work, so the training goes on in a different and more focused way on day two. It is particularly valuable for those who will be speaking to groups or conferences in the near future.

The Number One Question We Get Asked…

What do I do with my hands?

And those six magic words to keep your audience engaged….Let me tell you a story. Storytelling is a big part of making a great speech. Audiences love to hear your stories. If you say those words, you’ll see the audience perk up and really listen. Now, you do have to have a story to tell!

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