Presentation Builders

A Team Approach to Building Winning Presentations

Your team has the opportunity to make a presentation. Have you been short-listed? Do you need to make a big pitch? Are you making a presentation to the Board of Directors? We can help!

Here is what we do:

  • Facilitate a class for everyone on the presentation team
  • Work with the leaders and the team to analyze the audience
  • Start building the presentation
  • Private coaching with everyone
  • Work with each individual on the team until his/her presentation is great
  • Conduct and videotape rehearsals
  • Work with the team until the presentation is ready
  • Attend the dress rehearsal
  • Debrief after the presentation

Your team will be confident and ready to go. (keep reading to see what one of our clients had to say about this program) It’s our guarantee!

Here is what one of our Presentation Builders clients had to say:

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